ACROSS THE BIG POND                                                                                                                   

                  These are comments from media and radio programmers and a list of some of the stations that have Geronimo music on their playlists.


      Big Al Watts, Al’s Rhythm Roundup, Australia. “How in the hell could you have recorded 5 cds prior to this without me having heard something of your work. I love this new release and can’t wait to put it on the air.”

    Wayne Hocking, Cowboys & Outlaws.

   Ken Date, Ryde Regional Radio.

   Eric Black, Blue Country, “G’Day Geronimo, thanks for sending me a copy of Trying to Break the Honky Tonk Fever. I really like the album and will be Spinning it  on my radio program. Keep on honky tonkin.”

   Barry Wass, Honky Tonks & Heartaches.

    Eddie White, Cosmic Cowboy Cafe, " I'm pleased to be unable to break the Honky Tonk Fever."



    Viggo & Alis Jenson,Country Cookin. “Your cd is first class.”                          

    Dann Hansen “This cd without doubt will be well received by my country listeners on Roskilde Dampradio.”

    Ms. Bente Kyed, Country Class Show




    Mathias Andrieu, Keep it Country Show. “It’s good to hear some real honky Tonk.”

    Jean Castro. “Thank you for sending your new cd to our radio. I enjoy playing this style of music.” 



    Andrea Stolle, Old Stringhouse Music Show. “Your music is on the air now.”

    Gerd Stassen, “Great stuff for my Hillbilly Rockhouse Show.”

    Rolf Hierath, Hilly Jukebox Show.




   Pat Fitzmaurice, Radio Galtee.  

    Joe Vincent, The New West.



   Dino Della Casa, “Hell, when I was a kid and I used to go down to the cinema and watch the old western movies. I never thought I’d ever end up writing ‘Hi Geronimo’ on a letter.”

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    Ries Verwijmeren, Country Express Radio.

    Erwin & Diny Schapendonk, Country Style Show.

    Bert van der Wijst, Country Club Tavern. “ I received your cd today and it’s great. Visit my playlists next week: You’re on them.”  

    Rein Wortelboer



    Joy Adams, The Rock ‘N’ Country Show.




   Graham Wilson.               




   Jane Weber, The Jane Weber Show. “Thanks for the cd. I played it on my show and the response was good.”



   Thell Lars.

   Peter Ahlm, Radio Viking.