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Texas has always been a hotbed of country music- from Western swing bands such as Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys to seasoned songwriter Willie Nelson.  From this rich musical milieu comes a lesser-known talented songwriter in Geronimo Trevino III.  Treviño’s Lone Star roots reveal themselves throughout the dozen tracks. 

And, it’s not surprising that the talented troubadour also pays homage to two of the state’s greats- the aforementioned Wills and Nelson. The disc closes with a modern reworking of “Maiden’s Prayer”- one of Wills most famous fiddle numbers. Nelson’s songwriting talent is acknowledged through Trevino’s take on “I’m Still Not Over You.” The highlight is the Mike Blakely Tejano song “Mira Las Palomas” where Johnny Rodriguez duets with Treviño on a beautiful countrified ballad. Other highlights include the rambling “Land of the Navajo”- a song originally recorded for a Native American tribute album 10 years ago. Country legends Buddy Emmons, John Willis, Vassar Clements and the late Roy Husky Jr. contribute to this track’s accomplished playing. The tightness of Treviño’s band honed from 15 years of playing the dance hall circuit in Texas shows, creating a well crafted and compelling listen.
                   David McPherson, Country Standard Time

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 "Treviño takes his classic country sound, blends it with a dash of the old western style, a sprinkle of Latin spice and more than a little guts to create an album that shoots from the hip, speaks from the heart and touches the soul."
John Goodspeed,
 music writer for the San Antonio Express-News

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    GERONIMO TREVIÑO III & THE GERONIMO BAND/Love's Lost & Found. 2004 release for TREVIÑO & group recorded at their studio in San Antonio, Texas. Instrumentation: fiddle, piano, mandolin, pedal steel, harmonica, harmony vocals, bass & drums.

 One of Texas' regrettably lesser known troubadours, Geronimo Trevino possesses a versatility and clarity in his voice that's at times reminiscent of Marty Robbins

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    From:          San Antonio Express-News  Weekender
Friday June 4, 2004

The name for an album usually comes from one of its songs. But in this case, the name of the album became one of its songs. The CD - and song - is "Loves' Lost & Found." Geronimo's eighth album.


Posted by Wayne Hockings on July 04, 2004 at 07:24:31:

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Geronimo Trevino III / The Geronimo Band - I still miss someone
- Half Breed Records

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Jim Glaser - Happy hour blues - Solitare Records
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   Trevino came up with the title for the album, which carries a theme of dreams, failures and love.
     "(Bass player) Jeff Simonson thought the albums title would make a good song title about how it would feel for someone to buy a wedding ring from a pawnshop," Trevino said.      So they co-wrote it.
       ...Several things make the album special. It's Trevino's first album to be recorded in a studio and not some or most live, and every band member not only played on the project, they had a say in it. "It was a total team effort putting this together," Trevino said. "Out of all the albums I've recorded, I'm most fond of this one because of all we've done with it."
         Then there are the songs. Half were written or co-written by Trevino, Simonson and Tom Strauch, accoustic and lead guitar player, and they fare fine against others in the lineup by the likes of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Hal Ketchum and Mike Blakely.
         And they are not all honky-tonk shuffles, either. They range from classic country and its topics, such as a man turning to the bottle after a breakup ("Holdin' On"), to Blakelys "Mira Las Palomas," a Western ballad that mourns the passing of an old vaquero in a duet with Johnny Rodriguez.
         There are laughs too, with "Family Jewels," sung and written by Strauch after being questioned whether he was going out with the boys or staying home with his wife.
        ...Other regular band members are Henry Witek, pedal steel guitar;    Greg Holland, pedal steel guitar;   Ricky Bobkowski, drums;    Dick Walker, fiddle;  (check out Dick's web page : ). Guests on the album include Texas Steel Guitar Hall of Fame member Denny Mathis.
         One song, "Land of the Navajo" by Peter H. Rowan, was recorded in 1994 for Trevino's album "My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys" and features legends such as Vassar Clements on Fiddle and Buddy Emons on Dobro.

John Goodspeed
   Just Country



From our friends across the BIG Pond....

Le Cri du Coyote Publication/Buis-les-Baronnies, France   

Déjà chroniqué dans Le Cri, Geronimo Treviño III revient avec, Loves' Lost & Found, largement mélancolique et musicalement très orienté ballades et mid tempo. Un style parfois proche du jazz (Maiden's Prayer) auquel il nous avait relativement peu habitués, ou du moins pas dans ces proportion. Piochant dans un joli répertoire: Someplace Far Away (Hal Ketchum) Land of the Navajo (Peter Rowan) I'm Still Not Over You (Willie Nelson) I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash) ou son propre cru, des chansons de qualité quoiqu'il arrive, on regrettera toutefois un ensemble quelque peu monotone. Un peu de diversité aurait donné à ce disque un peu plus de relief et les chansons en seraient sorties grandies. Pour ne pas être trop injuste avec un bonhomme qui inspire le respect, et doté d'un groupe remarquable (le Geronimo Band aussi nombreux qu'est le Charlie Daniels Band par exemple), on traitera les titres de manière individuelle afin qu'ils prennent toute leur saveur. On retiendra la magnifique reprise de Land of the Navajo, digne de ces hymnes dont les Highwaymen avaient le secret. Une version enregistrée il y a dix ans aux vocaux refaits depuis. L'humeur tranquille de Hal Ketchum sied bien également et la version de Someplace Far Away est d'une justesse et d'une émotion remarquables. Le clin d'ceil au Mexique avec 3 titres plus ou moins éloignés mais lies au chanteur Johnny Rodriguez avec qui Trevino a partagé l'affiche (Warmth of Mexico, West Texas Girls et Mira Las Palomas) est un sympathique dépaysement et la nonchalance naturelle de ses rythmes (la faute à Mr Celsius ou Farenheit) se glisse si bien dans l'album qu'on ne s'en rend à peine compte. On peut ajouter à cette galerie quelques magnifiques compositions de Geronimo luimême et notamment Holdin' On et When is the Right Time? Et à son terme, le CD est fort attachant mais son ècoute d'une traite ou d'une seule oreille (!) ne saurait lui rendre grâce. A découvrir attentivement d'autant que d'habitude le genre de la maison est un peu plus couillu.

Translation:   DAMN GOOD CD!

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