Geronimo Treviņo, III


Geronimo Live From Kendalia Halle


1. Crazy Arms 

2. El Paso

3. Hank Williams Medley

4. Little Red Headed Stranger

5. La Vida 

6. I Luv Me Trucka 

7. Hangin Tree 

8. Waltz Across Texas


9. Daddy's Honky Tonk 

10. Cherokee Rose 

11. Kaw-Liga 

12. Warmth of Mexico 

13. Fraulein 

14. Dust of the Chase 

15. I Love You Because 

16. Cold Cold War


Country Music Today
December 1997-page 7

A 16 song compilation that you might hear on any random night in a dance hall with Geronimo, this new CD includes original compositions and select favorites from some of his friends and heroes.
The sound is true and simple. From the classic Marty Robbins tune "El Paso" (the first country song to ever win a Grammy) to a recent release of Ray Wylie Hubbard, "Dust of the Chase," the music wraps around you like the walls of your favorite honky-tonk.
Geronimo's original songs include "Little Red Headed Stranger," which was written for his beautiful wife Judy, and the toe-tappin' jocularity of "I Luv Me Trucka," just to name a few.
I have heard a lot of Geronimo's music and have a great appreciation for his writing. As a person and performer, he has a wonderful likeability that lends itself to the stage.
If you've never seen Geronimo, this live recording is a good start to a two-step program towards the appreciation of Geronimo Trevino III.

Texas Monthly
December Issue Reads!!!

Western dance-hall music used to be a given in Texas, but these days honky-tonk is fast becoming an artifact-which is why we should embrace Geronimo Trevino III's Live From Kendalia Halle (Half Breed). San Antonian Trevino and his band cover all the standards,from the Ray Price classic "Crazy Arms" to Lawton Williams "Fraulein," and blend in originals (such as 'I Luv Me Trucka") that will someday be classics if the two-steppers keep two-steppin long enough.(Joe Nick Patoski)

Country singer/songwriter, Geronimo Trevino III, has been performing in Texas dancehalls for several years. He takes pride in singing on the same stages that his country heroes have performed on. Influenced by Ray Price, George Jones, Roger Miller and Willie Nelson. These Texas born legends have given Geronimo the desire to keep up the tradition that they started.

"Live from Kendalia Halle" is Geronimo's fifth album. It is a tribute to these "Honky Tonk Heroes." The red fir wood used to build the hall was shipped by railroad and then by horse drawn wagons. It provided great sound for the recording and captured audience reaction to the music. The 16 songs on the album reflect the traditional sounds of country music. Geronimo mixes classics such as - El PASO, CRAZY ARMS, WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS, COLD COLD HEART and FRAULEIN with his own south texas flavored originals. It is all a part of Texas History.

As read in the San Antonio Star, Aug 10,1997. Wiley Alexander of the San Antonio Express News writes: " GERONIMO TREVINO sent me a previev copy of his Geronimo Live From Kendalia Halle CD and it is the best he's ever done. Geronimo does classics like Crazy Arms, El Paso, Kawliga, Fraulen and I Love You Because. He throws in a medley of Hank Williams hits, then does Waltz Across Texas. It's Dynamite."

Jim Beal Jr. of The San Antonio Express News writes in the Night Light Section:
"Tape rolled..........The Geroniomo band has a pile of it's new 'Live From Kendialia Halle' in hand. The live album, as befits a group that's more comfortable on dancehall stages than in sterile studios, helps capture the immediacy, the drive and the eclectic set lists of the Geronimos. 'LIVE' Includes originals by Geronimo Trevino III and honky-tonk classics such as 'Crazy Arms,' 'Waltz Across Texas' AND 'Fraulein.' The album also features a song by Jeff Simonson, the Geronimo Band bassist and one of it's singers, called 'Hanging Tree.' The band will visit the Hanging Tree in Bracken tonight and Saturday.

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