As Robert Johnson arrived in San Antonio at the behest of Vocation salesman and regional scout, Ernie Oertle, in late November 1936, certainly he never would have guessed, even in his wildest imagination, that 65 years later, musicians of various ethnic backgrounds indigenous to San Antonio - let alone the world over - would not only be singing the praises of his great artistry, but the songs he was about to record, as well. But that is exactly the circumstance that is before us presently, and so well performed and recorded in this Bexar Nekkid anthology.

The compositions run the gamut from some of Johnson's more easily accessible compositions like "When You Got A Good Friend" to those that most musicians find nearly impossible to even consider performing, such as Johnson masterpieces "Preachin Blues"' "Hell Hound On My Trail" and "If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day"! The gamut is also run in the style of performance - from the deceptively simplistic solo performances of Rusty Martin's "From Four Until Late" and former Muddy Waters Blues Band guitarist, Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin (from whom did he acquire that moniker, one wonders) through he full-blown blues band sounds of Robbie G and Laura Bell past the rock-oriented excursions by Neal Black, Soul Factor, The Infidels and Diunna Greenleaf & Blue Mercy and onto some conventional jazz styles by The Regency Jazz Band into broad mixtures of textures that are largely unclassifiable, yet performed with great taste and aplomb every one.

... In Geronimo Trevino's version of "Stop Breakin' Down" Mark Goodwin and Denny Mathis shine here, lending a decidedly country flavor to the track, as might well be expected...

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  Geronimo Trevino III (vocals, Acous.Guitar), Jeff Simonson (bass), Denny Mathis (dobro), Stephen Hartwell (drums)