Geronimo Treviņo, III
My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys

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Tuesday April 9/96


Geronimo, My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys    (**1/2)

-- The title alone makes this album worth the trip. Geronimo Trevino III and producer Hank Cochran pay homage to the sweet country sound of yesterday. But the sweetness ends with the finale, Before You Think You're an Indian, a bitter indictment of the treatment of Native American that pictures Buffalo Bill in the white man's hell.--D.Z.


Geronimo Treviņo, III has released a tribute to the native American Indian. This album mixes this theme with traditional country music.

Country singer, songwriter, Mexican-Indian, Texas Aggie..."Heroes" reflects Geronimo's life and experience as a veteran of the Texas honky-tonk scene. Growing up in a city such as San Antonio has been a bit confusing to people thinking of Geronimo, with his hispanic last name, not being a country artist. "my roots began with the ranchera music my dad, uncles and cousins would sing at family reunions in south Texas . As I grew older and hung around dance halls, I fell in love with Merle Haggard, George Jones and Ray Price. Country music is ranchera's equal in english. They speak of Hurt, Love, and Happiness. They both relate to life of the common people."

After spending several days writing with legendary Hank Cochran in Tennessee, Hank agreed to help produce the remainder of the project. "To have the opportunity to spend time with Hank was a lifetime dream in itself. We got to know each other pretty well at his river cabin in Gatlinburg. We found out that we had mutual friends from Texas and that our love for traditional country music was mutual as well."

The album has many familiar names that has made country music famous throughout the world...From the haunting strains of Vassar Clements' violin to the whining steel guitar of Buddy Emmons.

  I Never Cared For You
  Train Back to Texas
  Cherokee Rose
  It Goes Without Saying
  You're Playing Hard To Forget
  Wrongside of Laredo
  Half Of Me















As read in Nashville Scene 3/96

Only three months into 1996, we already have a strong contender for album title of the year, from the artist known as Geronimo: My Heroes Have Always KilledCowboys. The record was primarily recorded in Nashville by singer/song writer Geronimo Trevino III, a veteran Texas honky-tonker from San Antonio, using such superb players as Vassar Clements, Roy Huskey Jr., Spooner Oldham, Buddy Emmons, Flying Burrito Brother Chris Ethridge and drummer Boo Boo McAfee. Producer and co-writer on several tracks was legendary songwriter Hank Cochran ("She's Got You," "Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me"); other co-writers include Mack Vickery of "Meat Man" renown. Geronimo performs a record-release party with Clements at the Exit/In this week; call 386-0195 for more information, or write Geronimo at P.O. Box 203, Geronimo, TX 78115.... or E-mail at

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